A Men’s Shed is open to all men where we provide a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where men are able to gather and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other men. We want to provide a workshop where you can work on your own project, help others or get help, relax over a coffee and discuss the world and its problems and wonders!

“So the Shed combines friendship and hobbies with practical work”

Why join our shed? Men from all walks of life are joining men’s sheds all over the country.

 Members of Men’s Sheds can come from all walks of life – the bond that unites them is that they are men with time on their hands and they would like something meaningful to do with that time.

You can come down to our local men’s shed and have a cuppa and a chat and join in on the activities


Other project include

Hand Wood Carving

Kite Making

Furniture Restoration

Beginner’s computers


Basket Making

Beginners Art

Manual Handling Course

Lots more why not come along and decide for yourself!

Be judged on the work you do for tomorrow rather than on yesterday!








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