History of Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre

Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre was set up in November 2001. We are funded by the Department of Social & Family Affairs under the FSA.

 Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre is committed to the  principles of community development, which promote positive change in the community. We are currently  challenging the causes of disadvantage/poverty. Through our programmes we offer new  opportunities for those lacking choice, power and resources.  We aim to involve local people in making the changes that they  identify to be important and which encourage them to build new knowledge and experience.

Bagenalstown Family Resource Centre has an open door policy; and we are committed to supporting individuals and groups and services that facilitate and support people to engage in ways that respects their own experiences and reflects their owns hopes and aspirations.  


  Aims & Objectives 

· To Facilitate local people to develop through group development and  social interaction

· To ensure that the vision and principles are implemented through the project

· To access resources and funding that will support the work of the project

· The provision of education opportunities and progression routes that meets the  personal and professional development of the community

· To develop and implement appropriate policies  and procedures to ensure equality and anti-discrimination practice

· To create an environment that is supportive, open, friendly and safe for project users, staff and ourselves

· To have a project that is accessible, flexible, adaptable and inclusive to the needs of individuals, groups and the community

· To provide a holistic service that actively supports the family



Room Rental 

We offer rooms for rental at a great rate for buisness or personal use if you would like to know more please contact the centre or leave a message in a contact us section.


Would you like to save a little every week to cover events like




Start of the School Year

Why not join our Community Savings bank where you can save every week for these events.

Venue: Bagenalstown Family   Resource Centre, Moneybeg, Royal Oak Road

De Ja Vu Charity Shop

Friday 10am - 12 noon


 Opening Hours:

Thursday & Fridays: 10.00am –4.00pm

New Members always welcome




In September  2008, the centre purchased their community bus.

The bus enables the centre to provide safe     transportation of children who are attending our after school program. The bus collects children from the three National Schools within the area,  and brings them to our premises in Moneybeg, Royal Oak Road.

The bus also provides collection for our Community Playschool, for parents who are unable to walk to the playschool because of  health related problems.

With the bus we can offer our family day trips, which were not in a position to do before because of the expense of bus hire.

We also offer a transport for elderly within the community to attend St. Lazarians Day Care Centre.  Our bus is fully wheelchair assessable. 



  • The Centre provides a professional and cofidential counselling service in response to the counselling need of the local community.  

  • The centre provides to counsellers to work with adults

  • The service is targated at individuals who are in need of counselling but who cannot afford to pay for counselling.

Board of Management 2013

Anne Jacob(Chairperson)

Noel Egan

Pat Purcell

Philip Jacob,

Fr. Declan Foley 

 Joe Wall

David Dreeling

Chrystal Eggough

Mick Lyons


Need anymore information contact us on




Our Information Centre is opened from Monday-Friday during office hours. The Information Centre provides the public with information and advice on all rights and  entitlements. It is a free, impartial and independent service covering a wide range of subjects including employment,  housing, legal matters, health, welfare payments and immigration issues, and education. We will also help to fill out the relevant form. We also provide help on preparing your C.V and job application cover letters. 

Please contact  Marie @ the centre


or call Marie on 




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